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Top 5 Best Sushi Knife and Sashimi Knife

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Sushi is one of those things you either love or leave. If you truly love sushi and sashimi, then you will need a good sushi knife to make your meals. Here are the 10 best sushi sashimi knives. If you are wondering, “What sushi knife should I buy?” you will know by the end of this article.


✅ After going through all of the sushi knives, this is the knife that we would buy based on all of its qualities.

Here are the best sushi knives (along with one left-handed knife for the southpaws in the group).


Cangshan J Series Sashimi / Sushi Knife:

Handle Material: African Blackwood

Knife Blade Material: Japan VG10 Steel


  • 60 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale
  • Walnut Wood Magnetic Sheath
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Higher price than other Japanese sushi knives


Overall Review of the Cangshan Sashimi Knife:

As we mentioned in our Cangshan knives review, Cangshan is known for making excellent quality knives. This knife checks all the right boxes. It is made from Japanese stainless steel and has a high Rockwell Hardness rating (anything in the 60s is very hard).

The knife is handcrafted and looks amazing. You can tell there is a lot of thought and detail that has gone into this knife’s creation. This is an expensive sushi knife set, but if you are looking for a set of specialty knives, this is a great choice.

This 10-inch sushi knife is very highly rated on Amazon, scoring 4.6 out of 5 stars (read them here). Another note is that this J Series by Cangshan was a Red Dot Award winner in 2017 and a German design award winner in 2018.

The results speak for themselves. This is a knife that is worth the price of making great sashimi.


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Yoshihiro Special Forged HIRO Series Yanagi Sashimi Knife:

Handle Material: Rosewood

Knife Blade Material:  Hongasumi VG stainless steel


  • 63 Rockwell Hardness Scale
  • Comes in 3 sizes (9.5, 10.5, 11.8 inch)


  • More expensive than other knives


Overall Review of the Yoshihiro Sushi Knife:

This is a beautiful knife. It is elegantly designed and glides easily through its cuts. This knife is more designed for chefs rather than your average home chef. It’s one of the more expensive knives on the list.

But if you plan on making sushi and sashimi a regular part of your weekly meals, then this ideal knife is worth the upgrade.

Overall, Yoshihiro makes a more expensive knife that is of exceptional quality. They offer great customer service, and by all accounts, their knives are amazing. They pay attention to detail, and it shows in the beauty of this knife.


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Seto Japanese Sushi Knife (Best Sushi Knife Under $100):

Handle Material: Sandalwood

Knife Blade Material: Japanese VG 10 steel


  • Made in Japan
  • Forged with 33 layers of Damascus steel
  • 60 RHS
  • Storage box


  • No sheath


Overall Review of the Seto Sushi Knife:

This is a great sushi knife for under $100. You are getting a reputable knife at a good price. There are not many sushi knives for beginners under the $100 price point made in Japan, but this one is.

This is the perfect introductory knife and will do well cutting your thin strips of sashimi. The forged steel and the hammered look all add to this knife, giving it a unique and custom look. If you are looking for a sashimi knife under $100, this is a great find.


Click here to buy this Seto sushi knife 


Shun Yanagiba Sushi Knife:

Handle Material: Ebony Pakkawood 

Knife Blade Material: Alloy steel


  • Handcrafted by Artisans in Japan
  • Beautiful Pakkawood handle
  • Sheath
  • Dual-core 71 layers of quality stainless steel


  • Higher priced knife


Overall Review of the Shun Sushi Knife:

Shun knives are known for being higher quality Japanese sushi knives (as we cover in our best Gyuto knife reviews). They know knives, and it shows. This sushi knife is no exception. The pakkawood handle is infused with resin making it a durable and water-resistant (not waterproof) knife. This Yanagiba comes with a sheath for storage and protection, so your sashimi knife will be able to keep its razor sharpness longer. This is a very sharp knife.

It’s easy to clean (though not dishwasher safe, but to be honest, no decent quality knife should go in the dishwasher) and is an investment in your culinary development. While this stainless steel knife may be a higher-priced sushi knife, it is definitely one that chefs should consider, given its quality. Learn more about Shun in our Shun Knives Review.


Click here to buy this knife 


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Yoshihiro Aonamiuchi Blue Steel Sushi Sashimi Knife:


Handle Material: Ebony

Knife Blade Material: Carbon Blue Steel #1


  • 63-64 HRC
  • Sheath
  • Handcrafted


  • Carbon steel can oxidize if not properly maintained


Overall Review of the Yoshihiro Blue Steel Sushi Knife:

These Japanese knives are for the elite, and you can see why. They look amazing! Each knife is a thing of beauty, making them truly one of the high-end sushi knives out there. The knife is slightly heavier than another Yanagiba knife made by Yoshihiro, but it is nicer with the extra weight in your hand. The ebony handle is another clear example of how much higher-end this knife truly is. The single edge blade is extremely sharp, and the hardness makes it a very durable knife.

These knives are massed produced, and the price clearly demonstrates this. But if you are looking for one of the best Japanese-made specialty sushi knives, this one is on the list.


Click here to buy this Yoshihiro Blue Steel knife 

Left Handed Yoshihiro Sushi Knife:


Handle Material: Shitan Wood

Knife Material: Japanese steel


  • 62 HRC Rating
  • Magnolia Wood Sheath
  • It comes in two sizes, 10.5″ and 11.8″



  • Hand wash only


Overall Review of the Yoshihiro Left Handed Sushi Knife:

If you are looking for a quality left-handed sashimi knife, this one is it.

It will easily make your sashimi cuts nice and thin without any pressure as you cut. It comes with knife oil, sheath and would be a valuable asset to your sushi collection. There are not a lot of left-handed sashimi knives out there, but this one is a great find to buy on Amazon.


Click here to buy this left-handed Yoshihiro sushi knife 


Sushi Knife FAQ

What knife is used for sushi?

If you are serious about making sushi, then investing in a solid, high-quality sushi knife is the right thing to do. While you may be thinking all knives are the same. Sushi and sashimi knives are a special knife that is used to prepare sushi and meet specific requirements of Japanese cuisine, which is why these knives are in their own knife category.


What knife is best for sushi?

The best knife for sushi is a sashimi knife.


Why are sushi knives so expensive?

A quality sushi/sashimi knife is going to have a blade made of quality Japanese steel, a solid handle, and be forged, not stamped. All of these aspects will increase the cost of the knife.


What is a Yanagiba knife?

Yanagiba is a long thin Japanese knife blade that is used for cutting thin sashimi fillets  (thin raw meat).


Final Thoughts on the Best Sashimi Sushi Knife:

No matter which of these blades you go with, the key is knowing where you are at in your knife journey. If you are new, then starting with a Seto sushi knife  (click here to buy) is a good place to start. If you are all in on wanting the best, then the Blue Steel Yoshihiro knife is a sound bet.


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