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Lodge Cast Iron Reviews: Are they good to cook with?

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Cast iron cookware has been around for centuries and is the preferred cookware for professional chefs and casual cooks alike. It is durable and creates the perfectly cooked meal with ease. Lodge has been in the cookware business for over 100 years and still going strong. In this Lodge Cast Iron Cookware review, we will cover everything you need to know before taking the plunge into the world of cast-iron cookery.


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About Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

History of Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Lodge has been making heirloom quality cast iron cookware since 1896. The oldest and largest cast iron manufacturing company, Lodge started out in a dormant railroad factory and still makes its cookware in foundries in South Pittsburg, Tennessee to this day.

What is the product lineup?

Lodge has a full line of seasoned cast iron cookware along with porcelain enamel and carbon steel cookware.

  • Cookware Sets
  • Combo Cooker
  • Griddle
  • Wok
  • Dutch Oven
  • Double Dutch Oven
  • Camp Dutch Oven
  • Grill Press
  • Grill Pan
  • Mini Cake Pan
  • Melting Pot
  • Cornbread Pan
  • Mini Muffin Pan
  • Fajita Set
  • Cornstick Pan
  • Reversible Grill/Griddle
  • Baking Pan
  • Chef’s Platter Set
  • Meat Rack/Trivet

Seasoned Lodge Cast Iron Pan Reviews

Materials Used

For the cast iron cookware, Lodge uses the age-old process of sand molding (1). They combine a proprietary mix of molten pig iron, steel, and other alloys and pour it into a mold made of sand. Once cooled, the sand mold simply breaks away.

The enamel cookware from Lodge has a porcelain enamel coating, which is a particulate glass called “frit” that becomes bonded with the cast iron at high temperatures.

The Lodge carbon steel line of cookware is made from high-density 12-gauge carbon steel. Due to its capacity to endure very high temperatures, carbon steel is preferred in many professional kitchens.

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Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Review



Lodge Cast Iron Handle

The handles on all Lodge cast iron skillets and enameled cast iron pieces are forged with the body of the pan so that it is all in one sturdy piece. Cast iron can become very hot, so Lodge sells silicone handle covers. Some cookware sets and pieces come with a handle cover.

The carbon steel cookware handles are triple-riveted for a strong and reliable grip. This line of cookware has handles that are angled upwards for a steady and comfortable grip for easier flipping and tossing yet is still low enough so that the piece can still fit in the oven.


Lodge Cast Iron Cookware Reviews

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Review

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with Assist Handle Holder, 12", Red Silicone

What’s Included:

  • 12-Inch pre-seasoned cast iron skillet
  • Silicone handle cover


  • Comes already seasoned
  • Safe to use on all cooktops
  • Handle cover is dishwasher safe
  • Oven-safe to 500 degrees (without handle cover)
  • Excellent heat retention and distribution


  • Cast iron can take a while to heat up
  • Cast iron pan is very heavy


Sizes Available:

The Lodge cast iron skillet comes in a wide variety of sizes. 3.5-inch, 6.5-inch, 8-inch, 9-inch, 10-inch, 10.25-inch, 12-inch, 13.25-inch, and 15-inch.

Overall Lodge Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Skillets Review:

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with Assist Handle Holder, 12", Red Silicone

Simply put, the pre-seasoned cast iron pan from Lodge is built to last a lifetime. And beyond. The versatility of this piece knows no bounds. With one skillet, you can sear, saute, bake, broil, and fry. The sturdy nature of this cookware means it can be used on any cooking surface, from gas to induction to campfire.

As with all cast iron cookware, there is a bit of maintenance required to ensure the long life of the product. After each use, clean thoroughly with water, dry, and then add a light layer of vegetable oil, preferably while the pan is still warm. Though this cast iron pan comes pre-seasoned, you will still want to season it periodically. With proper care, this cookware will last a very long time.

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Lodge Carbon Steel Skillet Review

Lodge Manufacturing Company carbon steel skillet, Black/Orange, 12-Inch

What’s Included:

  • 12-Inch carbon steel skillet
  • Silicone hot handle holder


  • Comes pre-seasoned
  • Safe to use on all cooktops
  • Lighter weight than cast iron
  • Oven safe to a very high temperature (without handle cover)
  • Made from super-tough 12-gauge carbon steel


  • Hand wash
  • Cooking surface is not super smooth

What other Lodge carbon steel pans can you get:

  • Griddle (round or square)
  • Grilling pan (square)
  • Dual loop handled skillet (round)

Sizes Available:

This Lodge Carbon Steel Skillet comes in 10 and 12-inch sizes.

Overall Lodge Carbon Steel Skillet Review:

Lodge Manufacturing Company carbon steel skillet, Black/Orange, 12-Inch

Carbon steel is the go-to for many professional kitchens due to its sturdy construction and flawless heat conduction. It is made from an alloy of carbon and iron with no added chemicals, which means you don’t have to worry about any toxins releasing into the air or your food. It also builds up a nonstick surface over time and repeated use.

These pans are relentlessly tough and versatile, which makes them an invaluable tool in the kitchen. The cooking surface is not as smooth as cast iron or other types of surfaces, but that doesn’t mean this pan doesn’t do a wide variety of tasks like a champ. The smooth cooking surface is more of a preference for some cooks. This all-around outstanding piece of cookware is an asset to any kitchen.

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Lodge Grill Pan Review

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grill Pan With Assist Handle, 10.5 inch, Black

What’s Included:

  • 10.5-inch square cast iron grill pan
  • Assist handle


  • Comes pre-seasoned
  • Allows grease to drain away
  • Excellent heat retention and even heat distribution
  • Safe to use for all cooktops, including induction
  • Easy-release nonstick finish


  • Cast iron is quite heavy
  • The grill grooves make this pan not as versatile as a skillet

What other Lodge grill pans can you get:

  • 10.5-inch round cast iron grill pan

Sizes Available:

The Lodge grill pans come in 10.5 and 12-inch sizes.

Overall Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan Review:

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grill Pan With Assist Handle, 10.5 inch, Black

With this grill pan from Lodge, you can grill indoors or out. The cast iron is heat safe to a very high temperature, so you can use it on any cooking surface or directly on an open flame. The tall 3.5 mm ridges allow grease to drain away while giving you those satisfying grill marks on your food.

The ridges also mean this pan is mainly used for grilling, but the cast iron sears meat and veggies beautifully. If you’re looking to save space in your kitchen, you may not want a pan that doesn’t have a larger variety of uses. Otherwise, it’s a wonderful addition to your cookware.

Lodge cast iron pan reviewed

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Lodge Enameled Dutch Oven Review

Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven. Blue Enamel Dutch Oven (Blue)

What’s Included:

  • 6-Quart enameled cast iron dutch oven
  • Lid


  • Oven safe to 500 degrees
  • Chip-resistant enamel finish
  • Comes in a wide variety of stunning colors
  • Smooth glass surface
  • Superior heat retention


  • Hand wash
  • Enamel can

What other Lodge enameled cast iron pans can you get:

  • Oval dutch oven
  • Oval casserole dish
  • Trivets

Sizes Available:

The oval and round Lodge dutch ovens come in 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, and 7.5-quart sizes.

Overall Lodge Enameled Dutch Oven Review:

Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven. Blue Enamel Dutch Oven (Blue)

You can marinate, refrigerate, cook, and serve all in one dish with this dutch oven. It provides all the benefits of cast iron with the beauty of porcelain enamel. A truly universal piece of cookware, you can use it on the stovetop or in the oven.

When using this dutch oven, avoid using citrus foods and cleaning products since it can dull the exterior gloss. It’s an overachiever in the kitchen and a masterpiece on the dinner table. A dutch oven is indispensable in most homes, and this one from Lodge is sure to please.

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What is Cast Iron, and What Makes it good?

Cast iron cookware is made from iron-carbon alloys and, unless enameled, comes in its signature rustic, black color. This heavy-duty cookware is renowned for its excellent heat retention and the fact that it can be used at very high temperatures. It’s also exceptionally durable and comes in a wide variety of cookware types.

What does it mean to season a pan?

When properly seasoned, cast iron cookware becomes naturally nonstick over time. Seasoning cast iron cookware also protects against rust.

To season a pan or other piece of cookware, wash it thoroughly and then cover the cooking surface with a thin layer of vegetable oil, wiping away the excess. Bake in a 400-degree oven for about an hour, then let it sit in the oven until cooled. Repeat this process if you notice any rust or if food begins to stick to the pan.

Are Lodge Pans Pre-Seasoned?

All Lodge cast iron cookware comes pre-seasoned.

Does Cast Iron Pans Make Food Taste Better?

Certainly, the taste of food is a matter of opinion, but it is commonly believed by amateur and professional cooks alike that cooking in cast iron cookware creates a superior tasting meal.

Lodge cast iron pizza pan

How Does Lodge Cast Iron Cookware Compare to Other Cookware?

Lodge vs. Le Creuset

Lodge vs. Le Creuset: Which is better? Both Lodge and Le Creuset both offer enameled and non-enameled cast iron cookware. Le Creuset is a higher-end brand of cast-iron cookware, and that is reflected in the cost. It is made from very high-quality cast iron yet is a bit lighter than the Lodge pieces. Despite those differences, there is actually very little difference in the cooking performance of the two brands.  Learn more about them in our Le Creuset review.


Lodge Cast Iron vs. Staub

Staub is a French cookware company currently a part of the Zwilling company. All Staub cookware is manufactured in France, and the price is an accurate indicator of the extremely high quality of the cookware. Known as the “restaurant’s brand,” Staub is a favorite of many professional chefs and is for the home cook who has perhaps a larger budget for cookware. Learn more about them in our Staub review.


Lodge Cast Iron vs. Lagostina

Manufactured in Italy, Lagostina is another high-end brand of cookware. Unlike Lodge and Staub, however, Lagostina only offers a very limited selection of cast iron products and also makes stainless steel cookware. Lagostina is mostly known for its copper and hard-anodized cookware. Learn more about them in our Lagostina review.

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet With Assist Handle, 10.25", Black

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware FAQ

Where is Lodge Cast Iron Cookware made?

Lodge cookware is still made in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee, where it has been made since the 1800s. Some of the enameled cast iron, however, is made in China.


What is Lodge Cast Iron Cookware warranty?

All Lodge cookware is guaranteed to free from defects in the materials and workmanship at the time of purchase and extends through the lifetime of the original owner. The warranty covers normal household use but not use in commercial establishments or damage due to neglect and abuse. Lodge will replace any qualifying damaged cookware free of charge.


Is Lodge Cast Iron Cookware dishwasher safe?

Lodge cast iron cookware is not dishwasher safe. To protect the cast iron from rust and to extend the life of the cookware, it’s best to hand wash after each use.


Is Lodge Cast Iron Cookware oven-safe?

Yes, it is oven safe. Since cast iron cookware is so durable, it is safe to very high temperatures. It can be used on the stovetop, in the oven, or over direct flame.


Is Lodge Cast Iron Cookware safe?

Cast iron cookware is naturally nonstick over time and is completely free from toxic chemicals. Other than being very heavy, it is perfectly safe to use.


Is Lodge Cast Iron Cookware good?

Lodge cast iron cookware is an industry-standard in quality cast iron pots and pans. Each piece is manufactured with the exact same process that has brought the company success for many years. Since it comes pre-seasoned, you can start cooking right after you pull the cookware out of the box.

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet With Assist Handle, 10.25", Black

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Can you use Cast Iron on an Induction Cooktop?

Yes, you can use some cast iron on induction cooktops but there are some things you need to pay attention to. For more read our post: Can Cast Iron be Used on Induction Cooktops?

Why Should You Buy Lodge Cast Iron Cookware?

If you are a cook who likes solid, reliable cookware, the Lodge brand of cast iron is a solid bet. It is durable, heavy-duty, and meant to last a lifetime. The even heat distribution and retention make this cookware a favorite for pros and novices alike.

Is Lodge Cast Iron Cookware worth it?

This cookware is not only dependable, but it also is relatively inexpensive, considering it will last for many years with proper care. It’s a solid investment for any kitchen.

Where can I buy Lodge Cast Iron Cookware?

You can purchase Lodge Cast Iron Cookware on the Lodge official website or on Amazon. Other houseware websites and stores carry this brand as well.


Bottom Line: Should You Buy Lodge Cast Iron Cookware?

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware has been around the cookware business for quite a long time. Their tried and true products find themselves being handed down from generation to generation. In fact, I still have a few Lodge skillets given to me by my grandmother.

The durability and consistency of cooking with cast iron has made it the preference of cooks for hundreds if not thousands of years. Each piece of Lodge Cast Iron comes pre-seasoned and ready for action.  If you’re looking for cookware that will deliver excellently cooked meals, stick around for a lifetime, and won’t cost a fortune, Lodge Cast Iron is perfect for you.

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