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Copper Chef Induction Cooktop Review: Is it worth it?

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In this Copper Chef Induction Cooktop Review, we will take a look at some of the benefits of induction cooking and the advantages of using a portable cooktop and answer any questions you might have in regards to this product. By the end of this post, I hope that you will see the benefits of this portable induction cooktop from Copper Chef. 

Copper Chef Induction Cooktop Review


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An induction cooktop offers quite a few advantages over an electric or gas range. It can cook food faster. It is more cost-effective and energy-efficient than a gas or electric stove. However, it is not always possible or feasible to just toss out your current stove set up for something you may have never tried before.

If you are unfamiliar with induction cooktops, it heats the pots and pans directly using electromagnetic energy, unlike gas or electric stoves, which transfer heat through flame or an electric current. By heating the cookware directly, cooking is significantly faster and maintains a more precise temperature. In addition, this entire process is considered more energy-efficient and cost-effective because it outputs less heat and uses less energy overall. 


About Copper Chef Induction Cooktop

Copper Chef is a well-known cookware and kitchen brand known for their unique ceramic non-stick coating. In addition, their induction cooktops use electromagnetic energy thru the ceramic surface to directly heat the induction-compatible cookware. 



  • Cooking space: 10-inches square cooking surface
  • Weight: 5.69 pounds 
  • Watts: 1300 Watts
  • Temperature: 100° F to 500° F
  • Product dimensions: 13 x 12 x 3 inches (LxWxH)
  • Cord Length: 48 inches long


What’s Included

  • Copper Chef Induction Cooktop

Copper Chef Induction Cooktop (Black), 10 HR


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Copper Chef has put thought into this cooktop’s design, ensuring it was convenient, versatile, and portable to use. This design focuses on less wasted power while delivering more control. Here are a few of its many features.


Small and Light

Its small footprint and lightweight construction allow it to be easily used almost anywhere or stored in a small space. This portable induction cooktop can be taken almost anywhere without too much concern, outside of placing it on a stable, level surface that has access to an electrical outlet.

It has a 10-inches square cooking surface that is induction technology compatible with 8” to 12” induction pans. Its 1,300w power delivers the flexibility and power necessary for energy-efficient induction cooking. 


Easy to Use Controls

The high-tech control panel features a digital display and sensitive-to-touch buttons, allowing you the flexibility to easily adjust the temperature or timer while you are cooking. Overall, the buttons are intuitive and easy to use. It gives you the options to select between specific presets or adjust to specifics. 

The Induction Timer button on the Control Panel allows you to set the cooking time up to 2.5 hours and can be easily adjusted higher or lower in 1-minute intervals, depending on your recipe’s instructions. 


Cooking Settings

The Copper Chef induction cooktop includes 5 Cooking Presets, which allows you to adjust the heat from warm to sear and every temperature in between. All 5 options will automatically be set to cook continuously, up to 2.5 hours, unless you adjust the timer or shut it off. Its 5 main temperature settings are:

  • Keep Warm 175° F
  • Low 100° F
  • Medium 275° F
  • High 425° F
  • Sear 500° F

If you need more precise control, its temperature control adjusts the heat in 10° increments from 100 degrees to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. All you have to do is select a preset, then adjust the temperature higher or lower with the buttons.

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Safety Features

The safety features of the Copper Chef cooktop are important to note as well. The unit will automatically shut off after one minute if the cookware is removed; this is also an energy-saving feature. Its digital display will show an error code if an issue arises, which you can look up in the manual and fix whatever it is. Its continuous surface and touch-sensitive knobs make it easy to clean but also ensures the unit is protected if anything were to ever spill or boil over. 

Copper Chef Induction Cooktop (Black), 10 HR


  • Allows more precise time and temperature control over the cooking process. 
  • Includes 5 Cooking Presets – go from warm to sear with the press of a button.
  • It is very portable – less than 6 pounds with a 10-inches cooking surface 
  • Easy to clean and durable design 
  • Induction cooking uses less energy when compared to regular stoves



  • Slow to heat up or adjust the temperature, increasing the time needed to cook food
  • Only compatible with induction cookware 


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Who is this Product For?

Copper Chef Induction Cooktop (Black), 10 HR

One of the best things about the Copper Chef Induction Cooktop is it’s literally designed for anyone! This cooktop is designed to be easy-to-use, portable, and versatile, making it a practical addition to any home. 

It is perfect if you are looking to try out induction cooking without purchasing a brand new induction stove. With its portability and versatility, you may find that you do not even want to purchase a full induction stove after trying the Copper Chef cooktop.

It is convenient for holidays or large gatherings because it gives you an extra burner without taking up a ton of counter space. Plus, its portable design allows you to take it anywhere, which is convenient for a tabletop presentation or if you need a hot plate.  Its small design is perfect for use in dorm rooms, RVs, or any small space as well, allowing you to cook up full meals without occupying too much space. As long as you have power, it can be used to cook or heat food almost anywhere.  

There are so many different ways that you can use your portable induction cooktop. Its versatility makes it a necessity for almost all of your cooking needs. 

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Copper Chef Induction Cooktop FAQ

What is the warranty of the Copper Chef Induction Cooktop?

Copper Chef offers a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee on their induction cooktop that guarantees its products will be free from any manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. 

If you need to request a refund or replacement during this time, you can reach out directly to their customer service or mail it to them. 

Details regarding the warranty and how to request are included in the included owner’s manual.  


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How do you clean the Copper Chef Induction Cooktop?

Copper Chef cooktops are very easy to clean. It is designed with a continuous surface and no knobs, so you do not have to worry about cleaning hard-to-clean sections. Plus, its surface does not get as hot as electric or gas stoves, so you will not have to worry about needing to scrub off baked food or anything. 

It is recommended that you clean your portable induction cooktop after each use to keep it in pristine condition. This is how Copper Chef recommends that you clean your cooktop: 

  1. Unplug the AC Power Cord and allow the unit to completely cool
  2. Wipe off the ceramic plate with a damp cloth and mild, non-abrasive detergent
  3. Wipe off the out Unit and Control Panel with a soft cloth and mild detergent (if it is needed)
  4. Store your induction cooker in a safe place until the next time 

Note, Copper Chef says to avoid using any caustic soaps or abrasive scrubbing pads on the cooktop because it can damage the cooking space or housing unit. 

Properly caring for your induction cooktop will extend its overall lifespan.

Do Copper Chef pans work on an induction cooktop?

Yes, most Copper Chef pans should work on an induction cooker, as long as they are constructed of metal with magnetic properties. You can check if it is compatible by seeing if a magnet will stick to the bottom. Or check to see if it has an induction logo on the bottom of it. If either of these is true, then the pot or pan is induction compatible and will heat up with the cooktop’s electromagnetic energy. 

If you are interested in learning more, you can find our reviews of this cookware brand in our Copper Chef Reviews.

How do you use a Copper Chef induction cooktop?

The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop is fairly simple to use and makes cooking easy. It is designed to be plug and go with its 5 pre-set options while also providing full control over the timer and temperature range. 

  1. Place your cooktop on a level, heat-resistant surface 
  2. Plug the AC Power Cord into the electrical outlet
  3. Place the induction cookware (with ingredients) on top of the ceramic cooking surface 
  4. Use the Control Panel to set the temperature and timer according to the recipe’s cooking instructions 

You can easily set the temperature by selecting one of the preset options, which Copper Chef has set at the most common cooking temperatures. We have listed the cooking temperatures for each set above. However, if you prefer to set a more specific time or temperature, then you will need to use the timer and temperature buttons to set accordingly.  

If you are ever unsure on a step, you can always consult the manual, but overall the Copper Chef Induction Cooktop is pretty intuitive to use, whether you need to boil water, keep your food warm, or cook up an entire dinner. 

Copper Chef Induction Cooktop (Black), 10 HR

Things to Consider Before Buying an Induction Cooktop

Before purchasing a Copper Chef Induction Cooktop, there are a few things you should consider to see if it might impact your decision: 

Is your cookware already induction technology compatible? Cookware can be expensive to purchase, especially if you already have a nice set in your kitchen. Induction cooktops need induction cookware or cookware that is magnetic. Induction technology is based on magnetic principles, so not having compatible cookware will prevent the cooktop from heating it.

However,  before you run out to buy all new pots and pans, you should take a few seconds to check if your current cookware is compatible by seeing if a magnet will stick to the bottom. Quite a few standard cookware types are already induction compatible, but a few materials are not. Carbon steel, many types of stainless steel, and even cast iron can be used on Induction Cooktops.  

Often, there is a learning curve for using induction cooktops, although Copper Chef’s design does seem to be intuitive. I have provided a few basic instructions on how to get started with your induction cooktop, but I would also recommend reviewing the getting started guide in your owner’s manual. If you are still concerned that you won’t be able to just jump in and cook food, there are plenty of online resources and guides to walk you through the process. 

On Amazon, the customer reviews gave the Copper Chef Induction Cooktop a 4.6 out of 5-stars rating; you can read the reviews here. A lot of the reviews praised how easy it was to use and clean, plus the convenience of having control over the temperature. There are a few negative reviews where they mostly mentioned that the heating seemed slow. On this note, 1,300 Watts is a decent amount of power for a portable cooktop, but it is possible that it is not enough for certain cooking processes.

And of course, the most important thing to consider before purchasing an induction cooktop is whether or not you have a pacemaker or use an oxygen tank. Copper Chef does not specifically warn against using, but other brands of induction cooktops do warn about this. If you have a pacemaker or use an oxygen tank, keeping a safe distance away from the induction cooktop while it is operating is recommended. In this situation, I think it is better to err on the side of caution. 

Is Copper Chef Induction Cooktop worth it?

Copper Chef Induction Cooktop (Black), 10 HR

Yes, I do think that the Copper Chef Induction Cooktop is absolutely worth purchasing. There are so many convenient things about having an induction burner, but knowing it is made by one of the best-selling cookware brands in America is even better. It is clear that their cookware’s innovation and customer-focused design were put into their induction cooktop as well.

Slim Design

The slim, compact unit weighs just under 6 pounds. Its portable design allows you to use it almost anywhere. You just need to plug into an electrical outlet, and you can start cooking wherever you are. This is perfect if you are looking to cook somewhere without a kitchen, like a dorm room, or in a small camper or RV kitchen. Or if you need a way to heat your food at a potluck or neighbor’s house. Not to mention, even if you do have a full-size kitchen, it is convenient for the times that you just need an extra burner or just want to avoid heating the whole house up by turning on your gas stove. 

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The Copper Chef Induction Cooktop allows you the flexibility of cooking with preset options or precise time and temperature control, depending on your preferences or needs. Its control panel includes all of these options with touch-sensitive buttons, allowing you to easily adjust based on the recipe. 

Cooking settings

If you choose a preset, you have 5 options: Warm, Low, Medium, High, and Sear. Any of these options will set the cooktop to run continuously at a specific temperature for up to 2.5 hours or until you turn it off. 

If you choose to cook with more control over time and temperature, the control panel allows you to easily adjust both. For the time, you select the Induction Timer Button and then adjust in 1-minute intervals up to 2.5 hours. For the temperature control, you choose any of the five presets and then adjust it in 10-degree increments from 100° F up to 500° F. 

Not to mention, there is the energy efficiency advantage to using induction cooktops for everyday cooking as opposed to standard ranges. It uses significantly less energy overall, and you do not have to worry about cooling your house after heating the entire house by using an electric or gas stove. If you have ever considered induction cooktops or ranges, this portable induction cooktop allows you to try induction cooking without buying a whole new stove. 

Final thoughts on our Copper Chef Induction Cooktop Review

Copper Chef Induction Cooktop (Black), 10 HR

I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to test our induction or needing an extra burner or needing a cooking solution in general. There are so many situations where one would be an induction cooktop would almost feel like a necessity or at least handy to have. It is a convenient, versatile addition to your home. Hopefully, this post has helped you to see the benefits of the Copper Chef induction burner and determine if you should pick one up as well. 

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