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NuWave Induction Cooktop Review

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The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop is advertised as a no-stress, All-In-One cooking solution. You may have even seen one of their commercials or advertisements before. Like most “as seen on tv” products, the NuWave PIC definitely seemed like a need to see it to believe, so I had to take a better look at this one. There are definitely conveniences to having one of the best portable induction cooktop, no matter your home cooking situation, whether you are in an RV, tiny home, or just looking to avoid extra heat during the summer.

It is a great way to maximize space or avoid wasted energy, and I wanted to see if NuWave’s cooktop met this expectation as well. This article covers our NuWave Induction Cooktop Review and any questions that you might have regarding a portable induction burner. Hopefully, this review will help answer any of your questions and give you a better idea if the NuWave PIC is a good option for you.  

NuWave Induction Cooktop Review

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About Nuwave Induction Cooktop

If you have an induction stove or have ever used one, then you might already be familiar with how induction cooking works. The heating area is powered by electromagnetic energy that is activated by iron in cookware. NuWave Induction Cooktops use the same process as induction burners. 


  • Cooking space: 9-inches in diameter 
  • Weight: 6.9 pounds 
  • Watts: 1300 Watts 
  • Temperature: 100° to 575° F
  • Product dimensions: 14.37 inches x 15.94 inches x 6.3 inches (length by width by height) 
  • Cord Length: 36 inches 


What’s Included

  • NuWave PIC 2 
  • Complete Cookbook/Manual
  • Instructional DVD
  • Fact Sheet 
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Registration Card

If, for any reason, your instructional guides are missing from your box, you can access and download them directly from NuWave’s website. 


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NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop 1300 Watts

NuWave has put a lot of thought into their portable induction cooktop to make it the convenient and versatile addition that is. These are a few of the main features: 

Its small, lightweight weight size ensures that it can easily be taken on the go, does not take up a large footprint on your countertop, and can be easily stored in any of your cabinets. 

The cooktop’s small stature does not mean that it is not a durable kitchen tool. It is able to hold up to a 50-pound weight load on its cooktop surface, which means you are able to use it for larger soups or even canning. Plus, with its portability, you can use it anywhere and do not have to stay in the kitchen for long canning or cooking processes.    


Cooking Temperatures

It comes with 6 pre-programmed temperature settings but can be adjusted in 10-degree temperature increments for a total of 52 different settings between 100 F to 575 F. Its six main temperature settings are: 

  1. Low: 100° F 
  2. Medium to Low: 175° F 
  3. Medium: 275° F 
  4. Med to High: 375° F 
  5. High: 425° F
  6. Max or Sear: 500° F 

These settings and increment adjustments allow for precise, exact temperature control while cooking. It also quickly adjusts to your desired temperature depending on your recipe directions and cooking needs.   

The NuWave PIC also has a programmable stage cooking functionality with up to 100 hours of program memory. This means you do not have to sit there and watch the pot. You are able to set up a delay function or automatically switch it to keep warm depending on your cooking needs without constantly watching or worrying. 

NuWave boasts that their induction burners are energy efficient because they heat up 2x as fast and use up to 70% less energy when compared to a conventional gas or electric stove. 

All NuWave PICs are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features. There isn’t an open flame or hot coils, which means that the cooking surface will stay cool to the touch. It will automatically shut off if the pan is removed or you are done cooking. The LED display will display an error code if any issues arise, which allows you to look it up in its manual and fix whatever the issue is. Its vents and cooktops are designed to be protected against any spills, or if anything boils over, so you do not have to worry about ruining your cooktop.  

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Nuwave Pros and Cons


  • Compact and portable size
  • 52 temperature settings from 100 F to 575 F 
  • Up to 70% less energy usage when compared to an electric burner or gas burner 
  • Automatic shut off feature – ensures that you won’t burn food if you forget to turn off 
  • It heats up to 2x faster than a conventional oven
  • Induction cooktop does not get hot – directly generates heat in the induction-ready cookware only


  • Needs special pans that are compatible with an induction burner – only works with  induction capable cookware or magnetic cookware 
  • Although considered a safety feature, the cooktop’s auto shut off feature when you remove the pan makes it impossible to flip eggs or pancakes


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Who is the Nuwave Induction Cooktop For?

Anyone! The NuWave portable induction cooktop is a practical and versatile addition to any kitchen. There are not many reasons that I can think not to have one, except for if you truly know that you would never use an extra burner, even during the holidays. It makes a great gift or even just an addition to your own kitchen. Whether you are a student looking to safely cook in your dorm room or a home chef focused on energy conservation or counter space, the NuWave Pic is an excellent addition to your kitchen.  


What is the warranty of the Nuwave Induction Cooktop?

For the first 90-days, NuWave offers a return guarantee on their induction cooktops. After the return period, they offer a 1-year limited warranty for any manufacturing defects. 

While reviewing some of the Amazon reviews, we did find that a few listings are not authorized retailers of NuWave portable induction cooktops, which led to warranty redemption issues for a few of the customers.   


How do you clean the Nuwave Induction Cooktop?

NuWave cooktops are advertised as an All-in-One cooking solution with no stress and no mess. This is very obvious in its low maintenance and efficient design. It is very simple to clean and keep in almost pristine condition. 

Like most kitchen utensils, you should always clean your NuWave cooktop immediately after each use to properly maintain and keep it in working order. This is how NuWave recommends that you clean it:

  1.  Unplug and completely cool before cleaning
  2. Wipe off the outer surface with a damp dishcloth or a sponge 
  3. Clean glass cooking surface with a damp cloth and mild dish soap (if it is needed) 
  4. Carefully store your portable cooktop in a safe place until next use 

Proper care of your NuWave cooktop can extend its overall lifespan. 

Always make sure that your NuWave PIC is completely cooled before cleaning. 


Things to Consider Before Buying an Induction Cooktop

Like any other purchase, there are few details that you should consider before purchasing a NuWave induction burner (or any induction cooktop, for that matter): 

Induction technology is based on magnetic principles, so you will need pots and pans that are compatible with induction cooking. If you don’t have induction-ready cookware already and don’t want to purchase new ones, then this isn’t the right portable cooktop for your kitchen. If you already have a nice cast iron skillet or set of stainless steel pots and pans, you can check to see if they are compatible with induction cooking by checking to see if the base is magnetic. 

There can often be a learning curve for using their portable induction cooktop, although NuWave does its best to help avoid this by providing you with a how-to DVD and quick start guides. If you are ever unsure, their website has a ton of information and videos to show you how everything works.  

With a variety of options and depending on your cooking needs, there is likely a NuWave model for you. We covered the 1300W PIC in this review, but there are quite a few other options like the NuWave Gold at 1500 watts, the NuWave Pic Platinum at 1800 watts with a convenient remote control, and Nuwave Pic Titanium. If you think you might need a larger heating area or more features, then you should take some time to shop for some of their other models.  

For this specific NuWave PIC model, Amazon currently has it rated at a 4.3 out of 5 stars with over 1,000+ global reviews. Many customers raved about some of its main features like safety features, temperature control, and easy to clean cooking surface. For the negative reviews, most reviewers were focused on NuWave’s customer service or lack of. They also commented on having warranty issues, although many of these were quite a few years old. You can read the reviews for yourself here.   

If you have a pacemaker or use an oxygen tank, you should definitely take some precautions if you choose to purchase and use it. NuWave recommends that persons with a pacemaker should remain at least two feet away while the PIC is operating, although they also mention that Scientists have tested and stated that it is not an issue. If you or anyone in the house is using an oxygen tank, NuWave recommends that a safe distance is kept between the oxygen and the induction cooktop. Personally, I would err on the side of caution for either of these situations.

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Is Nuwave Induction Cooktop worth it?

NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop 1300 Watts

The NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop is a versatile and beneficial addition to any kitchen, no matter how you plan to use it. At only 6.9 pounds and a smaller footprint, it is conveniently lightweight and portable no matter where you need it. It has flexibility in its wattage usage, which ensures you can safely use almost anywhere there is an electrical outlet, even in an RV. Not to mention, its cooking surface will only heat induction cookware, so you do not have to worry about burning yourself on the burner or accidentally starting a fire. It is more energy-efficient than conventional burners while also being more efficient if using induction cookware. NuWave boasts that it can cook up to 2 times faster than conventional ranges, with water boiling in as little as 90 seconds at the high heat setting. Plus, It allows for more temperature control and quick temperature changes.

The bottom line is yes; I definitely think that the NuWave PIC is worth it. There are so many convenient features and situations that could be beneficial to owning NuWave’s portable induction cooktop that it really boils down to which model rather than should buy it. I cannot speak for everyone’s situation, but here are a few examples of how I would use: quick, healthy meals in a hotel room, avoiding a hot kitchen in the heat of the summer, and even just an extra burner during the holiday cooking. I am sure that you can think of a few situations specific to you that would make the NuWave almost feel like a necessity as well.


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