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All Clad vs. Le Creuset: Which is better?

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American cookware takes on French cookware in this All Clad vs Le Creuset comparison review. Incredibly distinctive brands indeed, these two cookware giants share one thing in common: world-class recognition.

Throughout this article, you’ll learn about these two brands’ various product offerings. In addition, how their key features stack up against each other so you can hopefully pick a cookware set for yourself!


What is All Clad?

All-Clad vs le creuset

All Clad is an American-based cookware company established in the 1970s to provide home cooks and professional chefs with the best durable cookware. The company has become world-renowned for its invention of multi-clad cookware featuring multiple layers of stainless steel surrounding a steel or aluminum core.

All-Clad strives to deliver the best durability in the industry with strong, unbreakable cookware built to last a lifetime.

All Clad primarily manufactures multi-clad stainless steel cookware. This consists of a stainless steel exterior and interior with a conductive aluminum core layer built inside. This allows All Clad’s pots and pans to be super strong while also being able to conduct heat seamlessly for quality cooking.

While their cookware may not be the fastest in heating up, it excels in even heat distribution and heat retention. This allows users to save on stove energy by applying less heat.

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What is Le Creuset?

what is le creuset

Le Creuset is a French-based cookware company established far before All Clad in 1925. Almost a century in the business, Le Creuset’s prized possession is its iconic enameled cast iron cookware sets.

Perhaps the greatest feature of cast iron cookware is its incredible rust and corrosion resistance. This allows the user to clean them in a dishwasher with no damage done regularly.

The Le Creuset dutch oven collection is most iconic among the brand, featuring small sizes as low as 1 quart or large sizes as high as 15 quarts. Le Creuset cookware also comes with an enamel coating, which adds an element of non stick cooking. It also increases the durability and longevity of the cookware, preventing chips and cracks from occurring.

One of the greatest benefits of this French cookware brand is just how easy their pans and pots are to clean. This is true whether you opt for handwashing or the dishwasher.

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How are they different?

differences between all clad and le creuset

The first difference is that these two brands are based in different countries. Beyond that, their product offerings and specializations are the primary difference between them. All Clad specializes in stainless steel cookware, while Le Creuset specializes in cast iron cookware.

On that note, Le Creuset is more versatile in offering a solid range of stainless steel cookware. All Clad does not have cast iron cookware in their product lines.

As per their company origins, All Clad sources its materials from the best steel manufacturers in the USA. Le Creuset’s hand-crafted materials come from the best suppliers in France. While Le Creuset does offer tri-ply stainless steel cookware sets, they do not offer the same extensive range as All Clad, which offers 2-ply, 3-ply, 4-ply, and 5-ply.

The French brand also doesn’t offer a copper core stainless steel collection like its American competitor.

In terms of ergonomics, Le Creuset often uses a knob-style lid handle for its cast iron and stainless steel pots as well as its dutch ovens. All Clad uses a looped trapezoid-shaped lid handle for all of its products, and the same could be said for its helper handles.

The two brands are fairly similar in their ergonomics level. Le Creuset has the added advantage of providing a steam outlet for some of their lids, a feature unseen in All Clad products.


How are they similar?

similarities between le creuset and all clad

Despite their clear differences, All Clad and Le Creuset share many similarities, particularly in stainless steel collections, price tags, and warranties. Both brands offer tri-ply stainless steel cookware with aluminum cores and steel exteriors.

Also, both All Clad and Le Creuset cookware are sold at similar price points, often exceeding each other in cost for different products.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, Le Creuset and All Clad cookware are both dishwasher safe, though handwashing is recommended. Both brands also provide induction-compatible cookware. All Le Creuset’s and most of All Clad’s products are safe for induction cooktops.

You can also use both cookware brands in the oven as their pots and pans are oven safe for at least 500 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

All-in-all, both All Clad and Le Creuset are high-quality cookware brands that offer premium stainless steel cookware stacks. Both products can retain heat well and provide excellent heat distribution across the entire pan or pot.

Furthermore, both brands are similarly priced and have a limited lifetime warranty for material or manufacturing defects.


What’s better about All Clad?

what's great about all clad

All Clad’s vast range of shiny stainless steel cookware available in 2-ply, 3-ply, 4-ply, and 5-ply is what sets it apart from brands like Le Creuset. All Clad is made with durable materials and highly acclaimed by professional chefs for its sturdiness and superior heat distribution. It is made in America and is known for its long-lasting quality.

Their selections of polished and brushed finish styles allow customers to choose their own aesthetic.

Compared to Le Creuset’s heavy cast iron cookware, All Clad offers lighter cookware despite its multi-clad stainless steel construction. All Clad pots and pans are oven safe up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, which is higher than the 500 degree Fahrenheit limit of Le Creuset cookware.

Their frying pans, pots, and dutch ovens are compatible with induction stovetops and are dishwasher safe, making cleaning and maintenance easy.

All Clad is also more versatile than Le Creuset when considering the core material used in their stainless steel collections. Le Creuset typically only offers aluminum cores with their stainless steel cookware. All Clad offers aluminum, stainless steel, and copper core layers.

Users can more easily decide the preferred balance between heat conductivity, retention, and durability.

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What’s better about Le Creuset?

why go for Le Creuset

Le Creuset is superior when it comes to cast iron cookware for the mere fact that All Clad don’t even offer it. Bet you didn’t see that coming!

Le Creuset’s cast iron cookware has greater heat retention and is well-suited for cooking styles that involve caramelizing and searing food (1). It is a good choice for those who want cookware that can maintain high temperatures for an extended period.

As one of the best cast iron cookware brands today, Le Creuset dutch ovens are notorious for their enameled cast iron materials and handmade design.

A key advantage of Le Creuset cookware is their vast range of color choices which spans over 20 bright and dark shades to suit any preference. Additionally, the Le Creuset stainless steel dutch oven trumps the All Clad stainless steel dutch oven as it includes a knob lid handle with a steam outlet for a better cooking process.

Also, Le Creuset handles tend to be more ergonomic than All Clad’s straight handle design, which not everyone is comfortable with.

Another benefit of Le Creuset cookware is its non stick surface derived from the enameled coating applied to the interior and exterior. This durable layer makes for a natural cooking surface seasoning and promotes rust and corrosion resistance.

As a result, Le Creuset cookware is significantly easier to clean than All Clad. You can apply endless amounts of water and detergent without damaging the surface, and dirt residue slides right off.


Who should get All Clad and why?

should you purchase All-Clad

Both All Clad and Le Creuset are high-end cookware brands with high prices. So, a big budget is a necessary pre-requisite regardless of your choice. Picking All Clad as your new cookware can be a smart choice if you’ve found yourself constantly replacing your cookware due to a lack of durability.

All Clad offers fully-clad cookware resistant to high temperatures of up to 600 degrees F. This is a level of cooking you likely won’t even reach in your home.

Let’s say you’re more concerned with the durability and performance of your cookware than the ergonomics and aesthetics. In that case, All-Clad is a great cookware choice for you. The brand does not concern itself with customizable colors or super comfortable handles, but offers the best cookware for your cooking needs.

All Clad is an excellent cookware manufacturer that goes beyond just the brand name. They offer multiple layers of steel sturdiness and various core materials with varying levels of conductivity and durability.


Who should get Le Creuset and why?

Is Le Creuset right for you

Le Creuset is a brand that suits lovers of the dutch oven, because Le Creuset dutch ovens are largely regarded as the best in the world. First, they are handmade in France and inspected by 30 skilled craftsmen before being shipped out. Second, they also have a high rejection rate of about 30%, accepting only the best and melting the rejects to start over.

Another reason to consider Le Creuset collections is for their ergonomics and design aesthetic choices available for customization. Unlike All Clad which only offers default silver steel colors, Le Creuset offers over 20 colors of many different shades and beautiful gradient designs for a modern contemporary look (2).

The brand also suits those looking to reduce the seasoning used in cooking. Le Creuset’s enameled cast iron cookware provides a naturally non-stick cooking surface for quick food release and easy cleaning.




Durability and performance

durability and performance of all clad

In terms of long-lasting durability, All Clad’s inclusion of 5-ply stainless steel cookware makes it the superior choice over Le Creuset stainless steel, which caps at 3-ply. As far as Le Creuset’s cast iron goes, it is heavier and more rust-resistant, but All Clad’s stainless steel cookware is significantly more durable.

Also, cast iron is a poor conductor of heat. So, while stainless steel is not necessarily the best, it certainly trumps cast iron in this area. This makes All Clad the more durable and higher-performing brand.

Winner: All Clad


Ergonomics and design

ergonomics and aesthetics of le creuset

Le Creuset offers a wider range of handle and lid handle options, including comfortable rounded handles and knob-style lid handles with steam outlets. All Clad typically has trapezoid-shaped lid handles and straight handles on frying pans.

Regarding design and aesthetics, Le Creuset also takes the cake with its 20+ color scheme choices compared to All Clad’s default silver color.

Winner: Le Creuset


All Clad vs Le Creuset FAQ

all clad and le creuset FAQ

What’s better All-Clad or Le Creuset?

All Clad is the better brand for stainless steel collections, offering the full range of multi-clad cookware and a variety of core materials. However, Le Creuset trumps All Clad in offering enameled cast iron cookware that is highly rust-resistant and non-stick.


Is there an equivalent to Le Creuset?

There is no equal for Le Creuset cookware, but a close alternative would be French cookware company Staub, who also offer enameled cast iron cookware but at a lower price.


Does All-Clad make the best pans?

In terms of stainless steel pans, All Clad is hard to beat. They offer long lasting durability, heat retention, and oven safe properties that withstand up to 600 degrees F.


Which is better enameled cast iron or stainless steel?

Enameled cast iron is better for heat retention, rust-resistance, and non-stick cooking. However, stainless steel is more durable and can withstand higher temperatures.

Le Creuset vs all clad

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